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The Cha Cha Shows – "Education on 4 Paws" – introduces children's author, Lisa Stephens, her Golden Labrador, Cha Cha, and the Cha Cha series of books (Cha Cha and the Picnic Basket, Cha Cha and the Great Cricket Match and Cha Cha Learns A Lesson*). These stories centre around the heart warming relationship between young brothers, Harry and James, and their loveable Lab, Cha Cha.

Through the tales of Cha Cha and his young owners, children are able to learn the values of friendship, family and pet ownership. "These are not simply books about a dog," says Lisa. "They are stories about a typical Australian family and the roles that we have within our families. The books also explore the relationship that forms between a dog and two little boys, and the significance of this. Wonderful friendships come in many different forms."

The Cha Cha Show also highlights the role of Guide Dogs within our community, educating children about how dogs like Cha Cha assist people who are visually impaired. Through interactive activities, children appreciate why Guide Dogs are so special, how they are trained and how they help change the lives of visually impaired members of our community.

Cost: $260 (gst n/a) flat fee for a maximum of 40 children. Thereafter $7/child

Duration: 60 minutes, including activities and question time.

Suitability: 3-7 year olds


Brisbane based Author/Teacher, Lisa Stephens, and her Guide Dog Australia sponsored Labrador, Cha Cha, have presented their show and story telling sessions to three of my kindergarten groups over the past couple of years. In preparation for the visit, we read the story books to the children several times. Then, over the next few weeks, we notice that the children start to play act Cha Cha during outside and inside play. After that, lots of soft, fluffy toy puppies start to appear at kindy. It's a wonderful experience for the children to finally meet the real life characters from the story books. The real highlight of course is meeting Cha Cha and getting a photo taken with him. The children never seem to tire of hearing the Cha Cha rhyming stories over and over again. Lisa's performance is very friendly, natural, informative and entertaining at the same time. Cha Cha is a very calm, relaxed, gentle and quiet family pet who is well loved by his owners and everyone who gets to meet him. (Anne Kilpatrick, Early Childhood Teacher)


Lisa, my concerns at having eighty 4-5 year olds and a dog in the same room were totally unfounded! Your presentation was pitched perfectly at each of the Prep -Year 2 classes. You kept the students focused with song, movement, watching and listening as Cha Cha went through his routine. After your presentations there were lots of conversations about looking after pets; dogs in particular. The Cha Cha song has followed each of the Cha Cha stories read in the Library.  Thanks Lisa and Cha Cha. (Denise O’Brien, Teacher Librarian St Mary Mackillop Primary School)


Lisa and Cha Cha visited our school for Book Week 2015 and the response from students and teachers was phenomenal. The children loved the interactivity of Lisa’s sessions and the fact that they all had a chance to meet and pat Cha Cha. Lisa’s teaching background is obvious in the way her presentations are paced and constructed. She maintained the student’s interest for the whole time. The teachers who attended have given me extremely high feedback for Lisa’s visit and we can’t keep up with the demand for her books in the library! We will definitely book Lisa again in the future – we just loved having them at our school. (Laurel Ball, Teacher Librarian Assisi Catholic College)


 Recently the children in years 1, 2 & 3 were fortunate enough to meet Cha Cha from Guide Dogs Australia & his owner, teacher and author, Lisa Stephens.  Lisa introduced the concept of guide dogs in a kid-friendly fashion, educating the children while appealing to their love for a gorgeous, big, friendly dog. The children sang Cha Cha’s special song, listened to a story, participated in active ‘being blind’ experiences, asked many questions and even enjoyed a pat with the guest of honour. This was a valuable learning experience: an opportunity to relate to those who don’t have the gift of good vision and the mobility and opportunities it affords, as well as the chance to appreciate the extensive training of a Guide Dog. The children are still talking about Cha Cha! One Year 3 lad who does not have an easy home-life told me afterwards how excited he was to have Cha Cha visit our school (and he drew a picture of him today!) We will add Lisa’s personally autographed books about Cha Cha’s adventures to our collection (Lisa donates profits from the books to Guide Dogs Australia.) Penny Benson, Teacher Librarian, Newmarket State School


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